Puppies and Kittens - To ensure the best start in life, puppies and kittens need to complete a series of vaccinations that protect against deadly diseases such as parvo, distemper and rabies.  Puppy and kitten visits also give our doctors an opportunity to provide valuable information on issues such as housebreaking, crate training, nutrition and behavior.

Adult and Senior Pets - Did you know that dogs and cats age approximately 7 years for every year of your life Our doctors recommend complete head-to-toe examinations twice yearly to give them an opportunity to find problems, possibly before your pet shows signs of illness.  Preventative labwork is also an important part of both our midyear and our annual examinations.  This labwork screens your pet's internal organ functions and gives our doctors valuable information about your pet's health.  Early detection can help your pet live longer!



We apply many of the same surgical and anesthetic standards as our human counterparts. A pre-anesthetic examination and diagnostic blood panel are performed prior to surgical procedures.  We use sterile surgical supplies and surgical technique.  Our patients are monitored while under anesthesia and receive continuous pain medication to keep them comfortable before, during and after the procedure.  In addition to routine spaying, neutering and declawing, our veterinarians are also experienced in many other types of procedures including surgery of the skin, eyes, ears, mouth, intestinal tract and liver.  We also perform orthopedic procedures and emergency surgical procedures if needed. 



In addition to wellness and preventative care visits, our doctors are available to see sick patients and emergencies as needed.  Please call us at 334-277-1101 as soon as you are aware of a problem with your pet so that we can be prepared for your arrival.  


Veterinary diagnostics are needed when a simple examination is not enough to diagnose your pet.  Our imaging equipment, ultrasound and full in-house laboratory give our doctors the ability to quickly and accurately obtain precise images and important diagnostic information.  This helps them make a diagnosis so they can give you the best treatment plan for your pet. 



We are proud to offer Montgomery’s first exclusively feline facility, The Cat Clinic of Montgomery. With a “cats only” entrance and waiting area, The Cat Clinic offers a full service hospital space dedicated to the special needs and comfort of our kitty patients.